Thursday, August 20, 2009

Auto car Auctions

Find government seized car auctions is a major issue:
It's not as half as easy as some may think.
The police and IRS, the governmental bodies that confiscate the cars announce the public about a car auction being held , but they don't do it very well, it virtually impossible to tell when a car auction be held in your hometown.

I personally feel that there a very small circuit of people that are aware of the advantages of car auctions and they are the only ones who are utilizing this great great tool.
Not many people are aware of the fact that a confiscated car and especially luxury one is likely to be in a better condition than almost any other used car.
Before those cars go on the stand they have to be approved by mechanics who test and re-test the car to ensure its quality. This is not some local dealership which is sending the cars - it's the GOV.

Here's a list of local car auction sites that can help you:

Auto auctions nashville
Car auctions Sacramento
Car auctions in New York
Auto Auctinos Columbos
Atlanta Car auctions


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tisanjosh said...

There are many also trying to sell their vehicles. Individuals though cannot directly use auto auctions, but must go through those holding auction membership. Used Car Auctions

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